Personal Shopping

During the shopping experience, we will pick clothes that suit your personality, lifestyle, shape, style and budget. It is an essential investment as it will show you how to dress for now and going forward and avoid fashion mistakes which can be very costly.

On the day we will take you to the shops and boutiques that we feel are right for you and start to create your style. We know where the best items are, this will save you the time of having to spend hours searching through stores and boutiques.

An initial consultation is required to understand the client’s personality, lifestyle, needs and looks you like. Understanding you and your personality allows us to pick and choose the perfect items for you and create a unique style.

We are not affiliated to any brands and never receive commission so you can gain comfort that our advice is completely impartial.

Refresh your Closet

  • Will go through your entire wardrobe and help you to show your wardrobes true potential.
  • Create a capsule collection of clothes you will wear.
  • Bring together looks and outfits: during the process you will learn what colours, shapes and styles really suit you helping create your own personal style.

Wardrobe Shopping for Work

Opinions are formed in the first 10 seconds of meeting you. Just as the organisation has it corporate brand, you have your personal brand. This is true for every employee at every level and to succeed you must ensure you provide the right image.

We understand how to create that image that works from the first meeting to throughout your career. Your image is your investment and with the right guidance the investment will pay off.

“I am a fashion person, and fashion is not only about clothes – it’s about all kinds of change”

Karl Lagerfeld

Personal Shopping Session

  • Full Day package (pre-meeting to get to know your expectations is free of charge)
    6 Hours 500 Euro
  • Half day package (pre-meeting to get to know your expectations is free of charge)
    3 Hours 300 Euro
  • Refresh my Closet Package (Timeless)
    200 Euro